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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

kitchen pantry shelving design ideas

An organized kitchen will surely give a more exciting place to cook rather than a messy kitchen. Surely what everyone wants is having an organized kitchen. That can be done by having an organized pantry in which everything is stored in a good arrangement so that whenever you are cooking you won’t get trouble in finding some products or materials. Any different options are also provided for you to make your pantry into a beautiful yet good in arrangement one. For example, you can also have multi-functioned walk-in pantry in which you can have your food products and also kitchen appliances stored as well as you can do some other things there like washing clothes or ironing. Image on the left side were one good example of kitchen pantry shelving design ideas from

Thus, if you think that a walk-in pantry storage is too hard to be true since you don’t have that huge space for your kitchen, this pantry shelving design ideas will help you a lot. You don’t need to have that much space for your pantry shelves, but only some cabinets and shelves will just do.

The first example in pantry shelving ideas is by having a sliding pulldown storage rack. This sliding storage rack is simple, do not need much space, yet it can contain many of your food products. You can also decorate or create the sliding storage rack by yourself. For instance you have approximately thirty centimeters space beside your refrigerator, and then it can be a good place for you to have this sliding storage rack. Through this rack, you can store your food products in different section. For example, on the top shelf, you can put some canned food products, then for the lower one is a place for some spices, then at the very bottom is the place to store some bottled products. Mini Manor at has showed the exact example of the sliding pulldown storage rack system.

pull down wire rack best home kitchen pantry shelving ideas
 Having a small space will not prevent you to have an organized storage pantry. The other example is by having your storage room over a door. Put a rack over it, and divide into different sections. You can also use the help of basket to put some of your food ingredients. But, to still make them organized, use the help of label. Stick label on each basket or jar that you use to make them presentable and not messy. It will also make you easier in finding some products that you are going to use.

To help you organizing your pantry shelving, you can also use the help of chalkboard. An example provided is by installing the chalkboard at the side of the cabinet and decorate them by putting some ornaments below, above, or even use the ornaments as the frame. By that chalkboard, you can organize your food products by listing what is needed to buy. You can also list down your menu for a week on those useful chalkboards.

What if you have so many food products that have to be stored by you only have a limited room? What you have to do is to utilize every inch of your kitchen space. You can add mount shelving on the back of your pantry door so that you can put some narrow items in it, such as sauces and ketchup in the bottles.

Perfect kitchen home design should have a perfect kitchen design too, i hope this article of pantry shelving ideas could help you in one or another ways.